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A shitty phone. Shit.
Buying a Vtech Phone becasue it is cheap, but buying so many in the long run that it would have been better to just buy a better quality phone in the first place.
by Yaltoids April 30, 2008
Any joint rolled by a certain Roy Ferari. This Roy rolls really crusty joints, and so the name 'Custy Roy Joint' came into play whenever he rolled a joint. A 'Croint' is a variation of that phrase, utilising the first letters of Custy and Roy and placing them before the word joint with the J removed. Croints have a certain resemblence and definite traits, and so thereforre when somebody other than Roy Ferrari rolls a custy looking joint, it is reffered to as a croint. It is an insult to the person's rolling ability.
Example 1

Bob: "Hey man, jets go burn this jay I just spun."
Randy: "Aw, Eww, man, I aint smoking that custy croint!"

Example 2

John: "Let's roll a joint guys."
Roy Ferari: "I'll roll it"
Everyone in the room: "Fuck no! We aint smoking no croints!"

by Yaltoids April 30, 2008
To finish somthing, and finish it fucking fast! ...But still enjoy the hell out of it. (More used now as a basic verb for doing things; not neccesarily with the intent to finish quickly as when first origonated).
Example 1
"Im gonna mucks this Jr. Bacon Double Cheeseburger, and then go play some ball."

Example 2
"Man, I can't wait to mucks some XBox when I get home"
by Yaltoids April 30, 2008

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