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A less-vulgar pronounciation of the word "fuck", useful in daily conversations.

Pronounced "UHFCK", not "YUFCK" as some commonly pronounce it. The pronunciation "UHFCK" is more practical especially when conversing in public, since "YUFCK" sounds too similar to the original and vulgar word, "fuck", and is slightly akward to pronounce. This is also because "UHFCK" is one syllable, as are most other commonly used obscenities, whereas "YUFCK" is two.

An invented word, believed to be originally introduced during an incohearant MSN chat conversation, when the creator intended to write three consecutive "fuck"s, but mispelled one as "ufck" accidentally(fuckfuckufck). Later, said person and their chat partner realized that it was a rather practical word to substitute the word "fuck", and from that day on used it in everyday conversation in place of it. It is slowly beginning to catch on in other people's everyday conversations, with some people already accustomed to saying it in place of it's vulgar counterpart involuntarily when they talk.

Furthermore, ufck is just as veratile as fuck, able to take on almost any suffix to adjust to whatever situation it needs to be applied to at the time.
"The oasis was ruined yesterday? Ufck!"

"That's ufckin' crazy."

"Man, we really ufcked up today..."

Kevin: "Shut the ufck up!"
by Yakuza Sentinel August 17, 2005
Pronounced Uh-Flee. Original alternative to fugly.

Short for "Ufcking Ugly." Derived from the word ufck, which is a commonly used censored form of the now overused word, fuck.

History: Created at approximately 11:03pm Eastern Standard Time on December 9, 2006 by an individual who is commonly referred to as the "horny white guy," in an MSN chat conversation, when describing his ex-girlfriend.
M: Man, you must have been wearing them beer goggles again that night, 'cause your girlfriend's UHHHH-FLEE (ufly)!

K: Nah, I just had a couple litres of saké that night. Wait 'till you see our kids.

by Yakuza Sentinel December 09, 2006

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