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The festival, gathering or party act of stealthily attaching clothes pegs to someone without them noticing, preferably in as obvious a place to other people as possible, or as hard a place to peg without the causing the target to notice (underarms, crotch, ears).

Pegging can also be done to good effect when the target is the center of attention and much more aware of themselves such as when talking on stage.

"The rules of pegging are as follows

To peg: placing a peg in a humorous place on another players body without them noticing

Antipeg: to remove a peg placed by another player from a third player without them noticing

Combination peg: multiple pegs attached in sequence i.e along the bottom of someones jeans or in a row along the bottom of a jacket

Fake pegging: no peg required. fake pegging the act of feigning pegging. the emphasis is firmly placed on being caught in the act by the potential peggee with the intention of leaving them searching for a peg about their person when in actual fact, no peg exists.

Isolated pegging: where you anticipate the movement of a player and hold the peg dead still until they come into contact with it, when you release and peg...... sillyness.... good for random passers by.

Counter peg: someone pegs you but you pretent not to notice and as soon as they turn away, you remove the peg and place it on them in the same location.

If you discover a pegging ,antipegging, or find a peg in between the 2 events it is then your turn to peg."

Pegs may have tags attached with pictures or notes.

"Pegs are Hugs!!"

prolific among happy poi people
blu_valley on pegging : "I got pegged at some point...pegger unknown. It was on my hood, I turned and pegged it on someone's shoelace..I don't know who they were, but their shoes were green."
by Yakumo November 09, 2006

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