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The abundance of links on a pornographic webpage.
Doggy Style
Golden Showers

This would be an example of hypersext links.
by Yahoo! Answers Phil J March 11, 2009
A nickname given to small dogs, like chihuahuas or shitzus. Named for the thin feces they produce.
I got so angry I almost kicked poor Pencilturds
by Yahoo! Answers Phil J June 19, 2010
Pinching a loaf midlog which leaves extensive poop residue around the anus, creating the need for at least a half-dozen wipes.
I ran out of toilet paper today because of a poor pinch.

My girlfriend wanted to try anal sex today but opted out after she experienced a poor pinch.
by Yahoo! Answers Phil J December 31, 2009
A 3-dimensional hologram of at least one person engaging in a sexual act.

Porn of the future.
I masturbate every night to the pornogram my girlfriend gave me before she left for college.
by Yahoo! Answers Phil J December 04, 2010
Somebody who likes tweeting song lyrics on Twitter.
Dave: Wow, Mikey is being real emo today... did you see his tweet with the lyrics to "Suicide is Painless?"

Me: Nah, he tweets lyrics everyday. He's a rockin' robin.
by Yahoo! Answers Phil J May 18, 2009
The diarrhea which usually follows a weekend of drinking and poor eating. Often not painful, but rather extremely relieving and requiring of multiple flushes to fully dispose of.
Boss: "Late to work on a Monday again Phil?"
Me: "Sorry but I had a Monday mudslide and my girlfriend threatened to break up with me if didn't clean the bowl afterward."

Culver's drive thru girl: "Hi welcome to Culver's, would you like to try our flavor of the day Monday Mudslide?"
Me: "I already had one this morning so no thanks but I'll take a hot fudge sundae"
by Yahoo! Answers Phil J July 18, 2011
Texting While Pooping
Today, I was doing some TWP because I needed to let my boss know I was running late for work.
by Yahoo! Answers Phil J December 18, 2009

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