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A town in which people are constantly get high off of brand new drugs and 8th graders go to school with hangovers. Don't get me wrong, the people are great, but then theres the 'ghetto' people from downtown who critize people from White Hills and Huntington for being more wealthy then them. Jeeze im sorry your dad walked out on your mom and now your mom sleeps with a different guy every night but don't tkae it out on me (true story). Anyways, then there Shelton High which is probably the gayest school ever. There are four types of groups Druggies/Potheads, Goths/Punks, Preppies, nerds/dorks/other people who have no friends. Basically, you don't want to live in Shelton. It is half rich and half poor..so move to Darien or something
Girl: What are you doing tonight?
Boy: Oh I don't know, i heard theres suppose to be an awesome party though, i think I'll get high.
Girl: Oh my god! Great Idea!
by Yahlikeidsay June 23, 2005

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