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A Clown is born inside of a traffic cone on the side of a freeway, and then is born out of the cone and collects miscelaneous garbage strew along the freeway and with it creates a small, hovel like dwelling. Then, after it reaches it's teenage years, which is about three seconds after building it's dwelling, it looks for a mate in a circus. He attracts the mate by swinging his rubber chicken in the air while standing on one leg and singing a heavy metal version of "Yankee Doodle". After it "claims a mate" (HOMG SECKS) it then returns to it's dwelling and -insert shameful imagination here-. Afterwards, the female lays her cones along the freeway on which she was born, and they proceed to egg cars from a freeway overpass, then attack the police officer who investigaes the disturbance and run to the nearest childens party so that they can explode in a shower of organs.
"Holy Shit, CLOWNS!!!"
by Yagatzi August 16, 2005

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