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A word that was invented by Dr. Suess, but at the time, it had nothing t odo with the meaning of the term today.

Someone who is part of a social group of social outcasts, enjoys computers, Harry Potter, etc. to unnessecary extremes.
Duncan: Filthy nerds, filthy, filthy nerds.....
by Yaga-Muffin August 08, 2007
Exacly the same as a sausage fest.

A party or social gathering consisting purely of males.
Jay: The party's gonna be the shit, man!
Lachie: DUDE!

===After The Party===

Jay: Man, that sucked!
Lachie: Where were the chicks!? It was a total Dude fest!
by Yaga-Muffin July 26, 2007

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