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1. A degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by tremor and impaired muscular coordination.
2. Degenerative motor control disorder occuring the morning after consuming large quatities of alcohol also known as the shakes.
I can't hold on to the tv remote this morning because I've got a touch of the Parkinsons.
by Yada yada April 24, 2003
Not so subtle code for "That girl is extremely good looking". Must be used within plain conversation volume and within earshot of the intended target. Inspired by the girls of MMMF.
"There's nothing wrong with that"
by Yada yada April 24, 2003
What with the war on Iraq here is an old one first introduced by Mike Myers on Wayne's World circa 1991 meaning a female that appears to be good looking from far away but in reality is far away from good looking.
Hey check out the rack coming towards us that chick is...Oh no! she's a scud!
by Yada yada April 24, 2003
Too tired to continue watching late night t.v. programming or perform late night t.v induced masturbation
Emmanuel 6 is on Showcase in 15 minutes but I am too bagged to stay up
by Yada yada April 24, 2003

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