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Long Range Pimping.
"I ain't even gotta leave the crib to have that trick do her work. I'm LRP in this bitch."
by Yaaaaaaaaay Area July 22, 2008
One's pimping skills or pimping profession.
Damn homie, those dirty ass tricks of yours only brought in a few c notes this month. You gotta step up your pimp game!
by Yaaaaaaaaay Area December 17, 2008
A ghetto ass car dealership in Richmond California.
"I just hit west coast motors and coped me a scraper. Let's hit the sideshow and go dumb."
by Yaaaaaaaaay Area December 15, 2008
When one is so consumed with working the street, (i.e. slinging dope etc), that it is like they are married to the street.
E40, "I'm married to the ave."
by Yaaaaaaaaay Area October 02, 2008
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