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18 definitions by Ya mum

murder spelled backwards, normally written on a wall in murder scenes, also red rum is blood
dumbass: whats red rum?
smart person: its the backwards spelling of what im gonna do to you!
by ya mum August 11, 2004
170 33
A bunch of alcoholic child-beaters. Coincidently, they make music.
Tism abused my son, but their new CD is pretty cool.
by Ya Mum July 12, 2003
78 28
a sex object
i fucked ya mum....
by ya mum October 13, 2003
67 44
1. Unappreciative male
2. Male who enjoys the pleasures of screwing over others
'You ungrateful he-bitch'
by Ya Mum March 12, 2003
27 9
i had meat ball for lunch..
ya mum ate my balls
i hade sex with ya boyfriend...
ya mum did
by ya mum November 18, 2003
29 20
That dirty guy that goes to church just so he can touch children.
I invited Dom to your kid's party.
by Ya mum July 12, 2003
5 6
a faggy biatch who doesnt belong and of cause likes to go out with wankers and wankerville is the polite way of saying there wankers
OMG... Kristin ur bf is such a wankerville
by Ya Mum May 09, 2004
1 6