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Means "Indian Standard Time." We have or own standard time, because we always show up about 1-2 hours late to everything.
If you're havin a party at 2, expect us to be there around 3:30.

If you want us to be at your party at 2, then tell us it starts at 12.
by Ya Desi June 12, 2004
a.k.a. BOSTON baby!!!!!
"Yeh, we Bean-Town's finest." = Yeh, we're Boston's finest.
by Ya Desi June 12, 2004
Adjective meaning amazingly "foby" or amazingly Desi.
"Wow, his clothes are so fobulous... let's get out of here." (Note: This is NOT a homosexual comment.)
by Ya Desi June 12, 2004
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