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This is not necessarily lost for the girl if the man inserts his penis all the way in and she pushes away immediately without any strokes. Even if the cherry pops, then she still has not lost it because it was simply in and pushed away immediately. Also, breaking the cherry with a tampon is not considered loss of virginity, however, it is a form of "hymen poppage" so that means that any form of "hymen poppage" cannot be takers of virginity while other forms are not. (ex: with a penis) So, thus: loss of virginity must be calculated by separate means: length and feelings felt by the experience. (Orgasm or anything of that nature)
Idiot 1: "Dude, I just took her virinity."

Idiot 2: "How's that?"

Idiot 1: "Well, I had it all the way in, but then she said it hurt and she pushed me away...so I didn't get any strokes in...but i think I..broke the...cherry?"

Idiot 2: "Dude, u didn't take her virgnity...ur an idiot." "She probably hates you."
by Ya Boy Jae April 28, 2005

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