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Liverpool is a small community. It is a nice town, but the idiots that surround the whole community make it a shitty town. 4 out 5 people you meet in this town, is a dealer or on every drug imaginable. We have some decent people, but the majority of the people are lowlife scum, that WON'T make a living for themselves. The only hobbies people have in this town is to smoke up, sit on the cemetery steps, stand at the high school gate and do the 'idiot loop'. They're also poser ass wiggers which live by Bob Marley and Wiz Khalifa. 'Taylor gang or die' is an often said term, which makes me sick to my stomach. I get most of the peoples names mixed up.. cause all the people that pretend to be black look the same to me. Most of the teenage population likes to subject themselves to the drug culture, instead of trying to make a good living for themselves instead of selling drugs. People claim theres people you should be 'deathly afraid' of when the people are all talk, and they will not do any action. The biggest highlights of the year is Privateer Days and Seafest, which is a major excuse to get drunk or high or whatever you prefer. Most people are too immature, and will do anything, and everyone drinks underaged. We also enjoy making fun of other communities, such as Bridgewater.
'TOB' because they're just as immature as the majority of the people here are, there's no in between.

I'd like to see some Liverpool scum that walks the street try to understand what I just summed up here.
Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Person #1 "whaddup guyz, let'z go and get drunk up in hur"
Person #2 "Ok, bro, let's go get some lowlife who's of age to buy our stuff YEEEEH"
by Ya'll got served December 30, 2011

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