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2 definitions by YV BLOPMASTER

noun: the large sack of fat located under the chin of fat or obese people primarily used for food storage.
Guy 1: Jacks gotten awful fat lately huh?
Guy 2: yeah i think he's storing a burger in that cavernous double chin.
by YV BLOPMASTER March 02, 2011
Has different meanings throughout the World.

1. In Japan, Hawaii, Southern California, and Germany: Blop is the act of of very roughly surprising someone with anal sex.

2. Or just to be used as a filler word, or create an amazing term which can never be matched.
Ryan: So did you blop her last night?
Mychal: Yeah!!! you know i blopped that.

Cameron: BLOP!!
Justin: OH yeah well BLOPDUKEN!!!! ( the ultimate streetfighter secret move)
by YV BLOPMASTER February 12, 2011