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laugh so hard my head exploded

Leemoney: Hey Pete, i got something to say...i, ive got aids..
Peter: LSHMHE!!!
by YUH! June 29, 2004
when a man ejaculates on a golf course, and yells out "fore!" just before it hits some golfer on the cheek
Leemoney: FORE!!!
Peter: Huh? OH, UHGG, OH GOD DAMMIT! *gurgle gurgle*
Leemoney: YES, hole in one.
by YUH! June 26, 2004
every known greeting combined into a single syllable grunt
pete: YUH!
by YUH! June 26, 2004
after yelling wompompadoodomp and having your way with the lifeless body, you follow up with "AWOMPBAMBOOM!" and soccer kick the victim in the face
Leemoney's Lifeless mom: ...
Peter: AWOMPBAMBOOM! *kick*
Leemoney: Mom???
Peter: ... wompompadoodomp!
by YUH! June 26, 2004
a man whos penis is 3 milimeters...FROM THE GROUND! YUH!
Dad: Hey, careful not to trip on that milimeter peter.
Son: You got it dad!
by YUH! June 26, 2004

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