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OBZ meaning Oriental BoyZ is an LA street gang that has started in the 1970's in the dangerous streets of Los Angeles. Originally known as (LAOB) LA Oriental Boys the gang grew very large that many OG's has moved to far away areas away from LA. Even now some still remain in West Los Angeles, many OG's have started their own clicks that originated from LAOB. In San Diego there are the (OBS)Oriental Boy Soldiers that have originated from LAOB. Today clicks such as Westside Oriental BoyZ and Eastside Oriental BoyZ remain in LA. WS Oriental BoyZ represent the blue rag (cripz) and the ES Oriental BoyZ represent the red rag (bloodz). Even though the Westside and Eastside are all OB some still dont get along for colors.
Westside Oriental BoyZ CuhZ!
O's up in the hood!
by YOUNG ----> WS Oriental BoyZ July 10, 2008

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