39 definitions by YO Mamma

Fake penis
when my girlfirend put the 10 inch dildo up her hairy vagina, i wacthed her vagina get wetter and more pleasurable as i got ready to shove my 13 inch erected, cumming cock up there.
by yo mamma June 25, 2004
A notorious gang situated in the town of Maple Ridge B.C.
Man u bes watch ur back cause 224 be up in this hizzo and they'll fuck u up right boyi
by YO MAMMA April 28, 2003
Giant Grow Op in England......well damnit those kids think they got magical powers they gotta be on summin
damn man were outta Kron lets take our flying Mazda and go to Hogwarts go score us a dime bag yo
by YO MAMMA April 28, 2003
See Plastic, Barbie, And/or Satan
Britney Spears is 50% plastic, 80% computer generated, and 100% evil
by yo mamma March 12, 2004

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