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a tramp. Dirty, dirty whore.
She was such a tralump last night.
by Yo March 27, 2005
A combination of janky and lo-fi; bootleg; generally worthless or in extremely poor condition.
Hey, that burgundy velvet smoking jacket is looking kind of janky lo-fi, what happened?

Beer spill.
by yo February 01, 2005
foreal with a phat ending
Me: man i fucked this fly bitch last night.

Chris: Forealski? i wish i could get some
by yo July 25, 2003
the sexiest bitch the world has ever seen
mmm, look at snitchy, she's hott
by Yo February 25, 2003
a faggot; a queer; a homosexual
I am euradian. I am a faggot.
by yo December 31, 2004
To be proficient in releasing seaman juices on various parts of the woman body with extreme accurancy. The first 'jeezemaster' to appear on recprd was on April 10, 2004, when Billy C. 'jeezed' his lover on command. The fallowing night, Billy asked where she wanted it, and with pin point accurancy hit her jeans. Such control is what ascended him to the rank of 'jeezemaster'
Listin Jill, Steve was alot of fun last night, but the jeezemaster I had the night before was amazing.

I have trained all my life, and I may never become half the jeezemaster billy is.
by yo April 19, 2004
Divinie Intervention - California Surf/hardcore-Punk band. Big in the 80's.

punk rock
D.I. was a definitive Cali-Punk band.
by yo April 19, 2004

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