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4 definitions by YEAH!

Stands for work in progress, usually used online on oekaki boards.
I haven't finished my drawing of a moose it's WIP
by YEAH! January 22, 2005
meaning just kidding, coming from the abbreviation of jk (just kidding)
You suck and your mom is a ho.....jaykay
by YEAH! February 03, 2005
A piece of flesh that protudes from the female chest, that is often licked and sucked by babies, men or women lesbians.
Her lover sucked her breast as the dildo pumped into her cunt at tremendous rates.
by Yeah! April 11, 2005
Land of skin heads, potatoes, and.....well thats about it...
I went to Idaho and was attacked by a nazi potato farmer.
by YEAH! December 26, 2004