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an acronym for brad pitt- new orleans- 2009 which comes for a rumar in the levee news paper in lousiana. "brad pitt for mayor" is found on t-shirts, stickers, buttons, etc. in the new orleans area, usually in one of those high end- souviner shops on magazine street. not commonly found in the french quarter.
guy 1: dude, did u read on the levee that brad pitt is running for mayor?

guy 2: (turns around holding sign sayin bp-no-09) no duhh, every1 has 1 of those shirts!
by YAHHHTRIKYAHHH November 19, 2009
a mix of the words "female" and "whale". used to describe a really fat lady.
bob said rosie o'donnell is a man, but i think she's just a fewhale.
by YAHHHTRIKYAHHH December 24, 2009
stands for "i be waitin" just wayy better
when u funna b here? ibw8n
by YAHHHTRIKYAHHH March 14, 2010
an aussie actor who cant seem to get his hands off miley cyrus' arse!
first person: did you see bob at the party?

second person: yeah, he was totally liam hemsworth-ing jane!
by YAHHHTRIKYAHHH March 14, 2010

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