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1 definition by Y-City Survivor

A repugnant community that has absolutely nothing to offer in any way, shape or form. A place where not only are there no opportunities for bettering one's life, but also the inhabitants of said community love the negative atmosphere and tend to thrive on sucking the life out of anyone who is unfortunate enough to pass through their pathetic chunk of real estate. A place where the most whiny, over-opinionated, lazy, egotistical dumb ass sons and daughters of bitches on the planet congregate to compete and see who is the most worthless piece of shit the world has ever seen.
Zanesville, Ohio is one of the most vile shit holes on the planet. in fact, they should change their welcome sign at the city corporation limits from "Welcome to Zanesville. Established 1797" to "Welcome to Zanesville. We're 25,000 loads our moms should have swallowed."
by Y-City Survivor May 28, 2012
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