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A mega-rich, handsome guy who is exceptionally faithful to his girlfriend, in other words, a guy too good to be true.
Your boyfriend is no Dao Ming Si; he is just a good-for-nothing love rat.
by Y Zeng October 05, 2003
an idiot; a half-wit
You can't even do a simple sum like this; you must be a baichi!
by Y Zeng October 05, 2003
people of dubious character;
1. I felt uneasy at the party; it was full of people who were neither three nor four.

2. Mum doesn't want me to mix with those people; she thinks they are neither three nor four.
by Y Zeng October 07, 2003
(work) not done properly; (person) not qualified to do certain things; not decent company
He is not a proper plumber; your toilet will be neither three nor four if you let him do the plumbing for you.
by Y Zeng October 05, 2003

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