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3 definitions by Xynobia

a statement of encouragement and parting, usually given from one metalhead to another
"Oh hey man, I gotta go, Dying Fetus is about to take the stage. Stay metal, bro!"
by xynobia August 14, 2008
In a burrito, wrap, or any other dish containing rice as an ingredient, a bite consisting solely of rice. This is assuredly the least satisfying portion of said dish.
"Oh man, my chicken curry has more ricey bites than a hippie's head has lice!"
by Xynobia March 02, 2008
A portmanteau of 'pissing contest' and 'pity party', a pissing party is where two or more parties engage in a warm-hearted discussion of mutual congratulations, compliments and other verbal high-fives.
John: "Dude, we are so the coolest people on the planet."
Dawn: "Dude, we are SO throwing ourselves a pissing party right now."
by Xynobia October 27, 2008