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Dining at the orifice. Similar to daty except it refers to analingus
Do you dfk after dato?
by Xylenz August 20, 2004
One who acknoledges only themselves as worthy of religious worship. Opposite to buddhism, Satanism encourages in the intensification of self awareness rather than its dissolution.

Satanists do not worship Satan. The term "Satan" is only used as a historic reference to the Egyptian god Set, god of the rising sun and of consciousness. Satanism has nothing at all to do with Christianity.
by Xylenz August 20, 2004
Pooze is a contraction of Pussy juice, or pussy ooze. In other words, its the whitish milky stuff that oozes from a horny girls pussy when you eat and fuck her.
"DAMN girl, your pooze tastes good!"
by Xylenz April 27, 2006
Refers to a particular bird: the swallow. In reference to the above definition.
Birdwatching will cost you extra.
by Xylenz August 20, 2004

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