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A dump, pure and simple. It may have been a nice school at one point, but now it is just a shithole where everyone smokes, no one goes to classes (which is a joke there anyway), and 4/5th of the student body is black, lesbian , or both. Many of he RAs are over-zealous first semester sophomores who lord over the freshmen with an iron fist. Assigned bathroom stalls and shower times? Hell yeah because that's what's coming for you. Want a better women's college in Virginia? Try Hollins or Sweetbriar. Mary Baldwin is a bad choice if you actually want to go to college to earn a degree.
Mary Baldwin College girl 1: that's some good weed!

MBC girl 2: shouldn't you come in off the porch and work on that 5 page paper that's due tomorrow?

MBC girl 1: fuck that! That's why I'm at this school....where no one gives a shit!
by Xxxcarrotsxxx September 10, 2011

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