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an awesome Post-hardcore band. including craig owens, bradley bell, matt goddard, pat Mcmanaman, jason hale, derrick frost. although considered post-hardcore, their music ranges from pop-punk to alternative... but mainly
post-hardcore, they recently released their new album
"bone palace ballet" its really great!, but it doesnt compare to "all's well that end's well"
person 1: "MCR is the best band ever! they are so br00tal!

person 2: "dude your an idiot, and chiodos is way way better"...........
by XxKEVIN360xX October 19, 2007
the word for an extr33m n00b in gears of war that can only rack up kills by using the lancer chainsaw!!!. usually ends a match with like 20 kills.. all of them chainsaw kills..
experienced gears player:(gives an enemy a shotgun mouthwash)

Chainsaw whore:(runs up behind the experienced player and chaisaw's him)
by XxKEVIN360xX September 27, 2007
a 1337 ass glitch in the game GEARS OF WAR. its a very simple glitch that is usually done by n00bz and h4xx0rz alike! its pretty funny looking and its even more funny when ur playing a ranked match and no one on the other team can do it so you go ahead and do it just to piss them off :)

it is often done on t3H map GRIDLOCK and it can also be called the ROADIE RUN....

SW33T HAXXER - down A, really quickly...........
by XxKEVIN360xX January 02, 2008
it can either mean

i love you
i hate you
i poop you
i fuck you
i cunt you
i shit you
i cock you
i boob you
i hXXc you
i lame you
i jizz you
i lala you
i your you
i four you
i seed you
i finger your big vagina all night long you
but w/e it doesnt matter they are all the same!
example 1 : 143 hey i love you

example 2 : 143 hey i hate you
by XxKEVIN360xX January 06, 2008

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