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3 definitions by Xx.Juicy.xX

worlds most ignorant ghetto ass name. point blank period.

pronounced: (La Dash A)
-"Aye yo la-a! yeaa shawty come ova here and hopp up on dis dick!"
-"ok daddy, aint like i can do any thing else with my life because my parents were to ghetto and ignorant to give me a sensable name that is acceptable to society."
by Xx.Juicy.xX October 30, 2010
Has a lot of man candy of different types.
A girl who gets with a lot of different types of dudes.

(azn, black, white; basketball, football, baseball. smart, dumb, loser; etc.)
those bubble gum bitches are good for the chew'n, 32 flavors of nigga she doin...
by Xx.Juicy.xX August 17, 2010
cruzan way of saying vagina
island kid- "mom john said sumtin rude bout me coocha-mint!"
by Xx.Juicy.xX October 30, 2010