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In my opinion, the coolest Transformer. Turns from robot to F-15 Eagle. Would sell own robo-grandmother for a cube of energon.
"Pathetic fools, There's no escape!" Starscream, Transformers the movie.
by Xris M September 03, 2006
Bugatti Veyron 16.4(VW Group ) Fastest road car. Most Powerful production car. Most expensive production car. 8 litre, quad turbo,64 valve, W16 engine producing 1001 BHP at 6000rpm and 1250 Newtonmetres of torque between 2,200 and 5,500 rpm. Engine produces 2000HP in heat. 0-60mph 3 secs. 0-180mph 14 secs. Top speed 250mph+ (400kph+) Consuming a gallon of RON 98 and 45,000 litres of air in about a minute. Seven speed seqeuntial gearbox mated to dual clutch system sending power to all four wheels with a new traction control system. Tyres are widest ever fitted to production car, custom designed by michelin. Quite possibly the most advanced car the world has ever, and will ever see. If you have to ask the price, you cant afford it.
Etore Bugatti:"Nothing can be too beautiful or too expensive" ME"the Veyron makes an F1 car look pedestrian"
"The automotive equivilant of a speedball"

by Xris M June 12, 2006
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