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1.) A mythical creature with six testicles, and is known to sound like a badger in heat when frustrated.

2.) A term to express anger.

3.) A sexual fetish, involving a man/woman, dressed in a penguin costume, to penetrate the nostril of the desiring man/woman, whilst balancing a jar of pickles upon his/her head.
1.) Crikey! Me mum told me about them creatures when I was a wee las! Double-crikey! Look at its junk!

2.) Are you serious? I stuck you with a plasma, yet you still blew me in half with a shot gun? Wraggle Fraggle!

3.) Hey mom, could I go to Jimmys-? Mom, what are you doing with Dad?

Mom: We're doin' the Wraggle Fraggle, honey! Whoo!
by Xplosivesmcgee July 05, 2009
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