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1 definition by Xoverkid

mathcore aka math metal is a form of hardcore and metal that employs unorthodox chords and time signatures as well as poly-rhythms. mathcore bands often quickly change from part to part with some exceptions such as meshuggah. early mathcore was very atonal and was mostly discordant atonal parts. however bands like dillinger escape plan have started to add electronics and clean passages to their music. tapping is a popular technique among mathcore bands because of its unorthodox sound. bands like psyopus have gone so far as only to use tapping.

mathcore styles vary greatly due to the individuality that is the scene commends.some of the more melodic mathcore bands include the dillinger escape plan. other math core bands stick to guitar stunts and crazy parts like psyopus. bands like meshuggah use low heavy poly-rhythmic parts to make their sound. bands like evrytime i die keep a rockin feel but throw in unorthodox chords and parts to make them math metal

mathcores influence can be seen in many genres. bands like Lamb of god use out of scale odd time signatures on songs like hourglass. bands like the fall of troy use some of the same techniques as math rockers. finally meshuggah has become the favorite artist of prog metalers like tool and porcupine tree
Xoverkid:dude dillinger is the most mathiest mathcore band ever
by Xoverkid February 21, 2008