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1: Another way to reference the word shit without actually saying it.

2: Someone who is extremely stupid

3: A way to blasphemize an Englishman.

4: When somebody shits in your crumpets.
Dude 1: Dude you failed your english final. You have to take the whole class over.

Dude 2: Flarkin' Shuzzlecrumpets!!!!
by Xonus June 01, 2009
1: Referencing the opposite of fml

2: Acronym or initials for "F*ck I Love My Life"
Dude 1: "Man I just got dumped, fml."

Dude 2: "Hey now you can go after that cheerleader you've talked about earlier."

Dude 1: "Hey you're right! FILML!"
by Xonus July 23, 2009
1: A spammer using twitter to make an account, post only one update, and try to get other twitter users to look at links to porn or other various forms of internet obscenities.
Annoyed_Twitter_User: For the love of Mary and Joseph! These users are nothing but porn links!

Some-Guy123: @Annoyed_Twitter_User: Yea, they're called twit-spammers. I got 9 of them!
by Xonus July 06, 2009
1: Twittering excessively.

2: To annoy followers with your twitter updates.
Annoyed twitter user: "OMG! Stop having a tweetfest and get a life!"

Obsessed twitter fan: "Fine! Freakin' idiot!"
by Xonus June 03, 2009
:: Acronym for f*cked up with laughs. Primarily used by peeps that are high on some good sh!t while laughing out loud.(lol)
Cammer Guy: Dude I'm fubar, lol.

MJLover89: I am too!!! fuwl!!!
by Xonus January 06, 2010

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