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These are the only people in a high school who are not only complete whores, but also stupid enough to state the most obvious thing in the world. This new term derrives from the original most stupid phrase "I have... elbows" which has actually been heard around isolated schools in Michigan. It's use is to be so obscure that you could literaly call a girl a stupid ho right in front of her with it and she would never know. And if she did know, then she wasn't quite as stupid as you thought, hmm?
Elbow Skank: Oh-- mygod! Like, he was all, like, whoa, and I was all like yeah, like, I HAVE ELBOWS!!!"

You: Omfg, you elbow skank, stop talking!!!!
by Xno Malaria April 28, 2006
The ultimate insult. If you are called a fucktard, there is nothing more you can do. Even if you say "That's what she said" as a comeback, you will still be the loser. Fucktard is the curse which destroys all hope for winning an insult duel. This term is most likely taken from "Red vs Blue"
Bryan: Tom u such a fucktard!

Tom: I...well ur a...but..........(Explode Head!)
by Xno Malaria April 29, 2006
The worst insult ever. Ev-er!
Stephen: Yeah Jimmy just shut up.

Jimmy: Oh yeah you... butt-meat...?
by Xno Malaria April 29, 2006

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