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The most beloved "character" in the Valve game Portal, it is considered a character in most tenses of the word due to its helpfulness and aura of friendliness, though it does not talk, and thus cannot threaten to stab you.

The Companion Cube is only used in one level of the game, but it leaves a lasting memory and somewhat of a motive for the main character to "kill" GLaDOS, the antagonist of the game.

The main character, however, does not seem to have as much of a link or heart felt connection as does most other test subjects of the Apeture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center. This is shown by graphetti drawings on the walls in a hidden room within the level of the Companion Cube. At the end of the level, the main character is forced to euthanize the Companion Cube in a pit of fiery liquid metal. After which GLaDOS congratulates the main character and comments that she is the quickest of all test subjects to euthanize the Companion Cube.

At the end of Portal, the main character finally receives the cake in a brief party in which the Companion Cube is invited and surprisingly shows up.

The Companion Cube is your very best friend in the world, is male, cannot talk (though in the event that it does, Apeture Science strongly disregards listening to any of his suggestions), and is covered in hearts.
The Weighted Companion Cube would never hurt me.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
by Xivili October 26, 2009
The path of enlightenment for the Protoss Templars. The Khala, once mastered, allows the Templars to gain great wisdom and mental capabilities, such as the ability to use psionic abilities along with other capabilities. Protoss are able to reach the Khala due to their long neural strands growing off of the back of their heads, much like hair. If these strands are well kept, the Khala becomes easy to master, however, these strands cannot be cut because they never grow back (much like adult teeth in humans) and the way of Khala will forever be shut from a Templar, leaving them without power.
The Dark Templar reject the Khala for their own methods.
by Xivili June 26, 2011

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