31 definitions by Xion

a gothic raver (yes strange even to us goths very strange)
why are cyber goths even called goths there just raves in black
by xion May 09, 2005
a kind of heavey metal with hipitch screeming and low pitch deep screaming of compleaty un-underestadable satanc lyrics like cradle of filth-dimmu borigr-rotting christ-christian death-acheron-leviathan
i love heavey metal punk rap metal and some death metal but black metal is so stupid
by xion May 07, 2005
the gayest thing ever only a pussy would kill them selves "oh boo hoo nothing is rite myh daddy my daddy woodint let me have the new britney spears album and theres a tear in my american eagle sweater" boom

suicide doesent solve any problems if you beleve in god well hello to hell

if you dont then think if death is the end you've just taken away the only chance at making life better
danny got all fucked on crank and took the cowards way out bye shooting him self like a little cunt
by xion May 09, 2005

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