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extreme championship wrestling formerly eatrem championship wrestling a fedaration who was famous for extreme stuff hardcore matches flaming tables total disregard for huma safetey they had and have a cult following but alas in 1999 they were they bankrupted bye wcw and wwf(wwe)
and had no choice but to sell the company and all rites to titan sports inc.(vince mcmahon)
ecw rules did see that 450 splash bye rvd he nearly killed kidman
by xion May 07, 2005
1:an annoyying little mindless bitch who worships the worst rocker on earth marylin manson whos the king of dueche

2:ppl comenly called goths bye those to dumb to know what goth is
go head and like manson i dont care just dont a little bitchy mansonite and call him god
by xion May 07, 2005
a ball of concentrated engery shot from the hands used bye ryu and ken (best frineds not brothers)
ryu ducked the yoga flame and hadokened dhalsim
by xion May 06, 2005
a 400 hundred pound wrestler capable of moonsault
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 gjfcgj tyhcvncb hfvhfy dfeddffdffdffdff
by xion May 09, 2005
In PSO, to give a lower leveled charector high powered weapons and tools to use to beat the game easily.
Look at him, his Lv.1 FOnewmarl is twinked beyond insanity.
by Xion September 28, 2003
n00b the a fucked up way of saying newbie shortened to newb then noob save time then n00b bye some dumbass who thinks its cool it means your dumb or something like that used bye those who think they know evrything but its used most oftenly bye those who dont any thing them selves and want to make them selves feel better
hey cant even make a level 3 font what a noob
by xion May 07, 2005
A six foot nine NBA Center. Never drafted by a NBA franchise, but signed as a rookie free agent to the Washington Bullets in 1996, where he spent 3 seasons before being traded to the Orlando Magic then traded to the Detroit Pistons a year later, where he plays now. A great defensive player who has averaged 6 points and 10 rebounds in his career. He is also a dick sucking piece of black fagshit who enjoys strolls on the beach with men named Molly.
Hey why is there a dick in your afro? Oh you're Ben Wallace.
by Xion February 12, 2005

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