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A group of furry enthusiasts who specialize in the writing of sexually explicit yaoi fanfics about Tay Zonday if he was an effeminate fox-man. Although fairly underground, the group gained some notoriety in 1998, when one of the members, on a trip to Asia, attempted to sodomize Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the wildly popular Mario video game series. The member in question is now a Japanese B-list celebrity, and a hentai manga has been written about the event. The manga, entitled 'OOPU Wa Okama Desu~ Kawaii Neko Loli Sir Kudolot Force Go!', has sold over 123.05 million copies.
Bob: "I just joined OOPU, check out my fursuit!"
Ryan: "Kawaii desu ne?"
by Xilba Adlberg April 04, 2008

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