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4 definitions by Xerxes da Phat

Substitute for an 'easy' woman (ie - once their on their back they're fucked)
Gah! Callum! Your mums a turtle!
by Xerxes da Phat February 15, 2004
A nerd or dork. Plays lots of D&D, not much chance of getting laid.
Fuck, Krynauw, shutup 'bout that Maths test, ur such a geeben!
by Xerxes da Phat February 15, 2004
The scrotum, or referring to the scrotum and testicles as an entire package.
Oh yeah, recently i've been seeing some things that make me glad to posess a sex-satchel...
by Xerxes da Phat November 08, 2004
An idiot. Somebody who does something very stupid, like trying to iron the wrinkles out of an elephant. Sometimes said "nuff nuff".
Shutup Krynauw you nuff! You're not too little, not too much, you're just a nuff.
by Xerxes da Phat September 07, 2003