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2 definitions by Xerozemus

A MMORPG that has multipule stats. Not all the people are addicted to the game. Yes, i agree some of the people are extremely addicted to the damn game. Still if you play the game do your self a favor and go out side like an hour a day everyday, this is unless you have a life and play a everynow and then like me and most people do.

But if you are like zezimaand have no life go grab a gun and think real hard what have you done with your life. If you can't think of 5 things then pull the trigger while the gun is aiming at your head...
Bob: Wanna go to a party?
Dave: sure gimme a minute i am gonna log off runescape
Bob: when did you last log on?
Dave: An hour ago.
Bob: oh i thought you were on all day.
Dave: nah but Will was on for 3 fuckin days!
Bob: Damn, he is fuckin obsessed!
by Xerozemus September 15, 2006
55 40
N0valyfe is number 2 in the runescape high scores along with zezima. Not much is known about him/her. when the new construction skill came out he/she beat zezima to lvl 99. yet when zezima got there he/she was back in first. I do not know how this happened or why JagEx put zezima back at the top.
person1: Zezima owns all you noobs.
person2: NO N0VALYFE OWNS.
Person3: how about you all shut up and finish fishing, they could kick both your asses
by Xerozemus September 15, 2006
43 74