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Originates on a youtube channel of a 12 year old female comedian. The term refers to anything of comedic value that generates lulz. The term is mainly used when discussing trolls or memes comedically or when one wishes to put a "shrip" onto a certain scenario/sentence in order to generate lulz.

Do not confuse this term with regular comedic words such as "jokes", this is a troll/meme/derp hybrid of the joke term.
"Hey guys, I'm the shripster!"
"Lets go watch some shripster"
"Want to see some shrip?"
"Shrip it!"
"I'm shripping this thing"
"boxxy is emo"
by Xenris February 02, 2011
Latin for "Xenra"

A word that absolutely has no meaning whatsoever, whose sole purpose is to sound weird and confuse those who try to pronounce it.

It is mainly used in MMORPG's and other online multiplayer games.
"My lv61 Blacksmith is called Xenris"
by Xenris June 23, 2009

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