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I'm going to sing the doom song now
do doom doom dom do de dooooooom dooom do doom deee doooom do dom dooom dieb
by Xenon April 16, 2005
n. DoomStalker (abrv: DS): A compound of two words:
Doom - foreshadowing his fallen fate in success in life.
Stalker - A pedophilic obsesion of preceeding noun.

Such name suggests negative connotation. This is to be used sparingly, as it is distasteful in the English language.

However, in 1337, this word suggests one who is in false euphoria of a feeling of conterfeit superiority. Should one posses such name, it is advised to stay away and cut off al forms of interaction. It is for your health's sake.
DoomStalker, you n00b!
Go eat bleach and die, DoomStalker!
DS, you're and infidel!
by Xenon May 21, 2004
Founder of Dave Thomas
How about an IP ban right now?
by xenon October 07, 2003
The most annoying and overplayed song in Dance Dance Revolution.
WTF? Why is it on the top 3 on Extreme? Go hug a 3rd Mix machine!
by xenon August 03, 2003
A website where people can freely express their own definitions.
You're now in UrbanDictionary.com! Enjoy your stay. ^_^
by xenon December 07, 2003
the act of masturbation, said when you dont know anyone to know what youre doing, jaime is a big fan of the "ice palace" just ask her dad or zach, they help her out from time to me. Liza Helps Dalia.
"We all ice palaced in the seneca ice palace and thought we were so cool becayse no one knew what we were doing except for us and we pissed leandra off so much when in reality, she was ice palacing in the bunk vicki messerie style"
by Xenon December 04, 2004
Some guy from Breath Of Fire III.
Rei should've turned into a tiger when you fought those annoying horse brothers.
by xenon August 03, 2003

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