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a. To take the male body to the lavatory and sit down before releasing the bladder liquid via penis spray.
b. For a guy to sit down on the toilet and go pee pee.

2. Vulgar slang: I believe in fairy winkles, the toilet bowl sure does stinkles, CORe whores can iron my wrinkles, of my exotically floppy pinkles etc... (Must be sung along with a golden harp and 17 year old choir girl backup singers)
37 year old emo punk singer: "Hey Mom, I need to go fairy winkles."
Mom: "Not until you have apologised to me about being a total loser"

Executive CEO of any Enterprise Software Business: "WTFBBQ OMG brb! i gotta go fairy winkles!"
World of Warcraft Guild Leader: "Ok THOR_TIGERKILL_ARBITER, but make sure you put toilet paper on the toilet seat first!111"
Executive CEO of any Software Enterprise Business: "lol FAIRWINKLESH4X!"

by XenoXenoXenoX June 21, 2006
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