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5 definitions by Xeenie

One who is considering the vegetarian lifestyle, but has yet to make a committment to it.
No sausage on my half of the pizza; I'm vegi-curious.
by Xeenie March 28, 2007
1. To exhale and sigh in the same breath.

2. A combination of exhaling and sighing.

It's Monday again, she exsighed.
by Xeenie September 18, 2006
1. The urge to murder.

2. Murderous desire.
Everyday, Jeff resists the murger of his incompetent colleagues.
by Xeenie August 24, 2006
1. A situation where a response of "shit", or the poo emoji is most appropriate. 2. Apropos of poo.
Guy 1: I loved that Indian food last night but I had the runs all night.

Guy 2: Shit.

Guy 1: How apropoo.
by Xeenie September 12, 2014
When an established couple decides to separate at the seven-year mark.
Several of my friends divorced after 7 years. The seven-year ditch rule must be in effect.
by Xeenie February 15, 2009