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a two fist version of the Fistful of boomstick

usually performed on horses by rajiv
'i duel fist full of boomsticked 5 horses last night!'
by Xavious? March 05, 2004
my own alter-ego muwaha!1
'i kicked pepsi-boy in the balls last night'
by Xavious? March 07, 2004
what you say when choosing the character 'roy' on super smash bros melee.
Kerri: you chose roy?
Craig: yea, fist full of roy!
by Xavious? March 14, 2004
japanese male term for hello
'oi! kimi!'
by Xavious? February 27, 2004
what you call the underwear line which is visible on women and/or mens trousers
joe: look, you should have gone to specsavers slinky!
phil: mmm, *drool*
by Xavious? March 15, 2004
a phrase commonly used by 'sexi-cam' 'olter
'stop looking at my ass liz!'
by Xavious? March 07, 2004
when your visa runs out and you get deported
'damn, my visa glynned last night, gotta go back to kazachstan'
by Xavious? March 05, 2004
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