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1. In regards to fandom: A state of pure squee, instigated by sensual or sexual material. 2. The highest state of arousal possible while only viewing sexual acts vicariously.
1. The GQ magazine cover with Lea Michelle and Diana Agron was so unexpected, so hot...I achieved pervana.

2. Shyla Stylez, Carmella Bing, Gianna Michaels...bikinis...soaking wet...making out and fondling each other: pervana.
by XavierZane October 21, 2010
A variety of human behavior only possible with the advent of mass media, especially the internet. A sudden frenzy of outrage, disgust, anger, and various other negative emotions directed toward a specific real person or fictional character.
1. Is the Tiger Woods hatestorm over, yet?
2. The hatestorm directed toward Artie after "Duets" was the least justified I've ever seen.
by XavierZane October 19, 2010

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