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3 definitions by Xavier Zalanangas

-The act of pounding sooo much water, gatorade, lemonade, iced tea, milk, Coca-Cola (tm), and Diet Pepsi all day on a weak sauce night just so you can get the delicious feeling of ecstasy and the slight orgasmic feeling of letting loose such a long and stellar piss at the end of the night.
-If you're the competitive type you can turn it into a competition and have a 1 v 1 or anything and then compete for who can fill a 2 liter bottle the highest
-The night sucked and he didn't have any brew so the kid camel paked it and got a 37 second piss--with a 15 foot range

-The little bitch called out Steve so instead of throwing hands they had a duel of the camel pak and Steve won, by 2/3 of a bottle
by Xavier Zalanangas September 16, 2006
8 6
-This term "supa fiki" is usually administered after the failure of the fiki. In the case of a hookup and you're denied in the fiki maneuver, you simply grab the girls hair...yank her head down and skull fuck that girl.
-Usually this maneuver is not appreciated by the girl so make sure you only use it once or twice
-This kid was too horny so when he couldn't get the girl to go down he supa feaked the shit out of her

-Instead of beating his meat for the 6th night in a row, Billy Bob decided to go get a girl and get some dome the supa fiki way

-Girl's Friend- "Oh hey how'd ur night with Billy Bob go?"
Girl - "It was going well until he ripped out half my hair trying to supa fiki me!"
-Girl's Friend - "Ya that'll happen when he gets drunk and horny"
by Xavier Zalanangas September 16, 2006
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The act of carressin a girl and manuevering your way into a hookup by 1st grabbing her ass then putting the arm around her on the couch...then you pounce on her the second she realizes you're not just friends...after this you maneuver the ol' vintage lay down stealth attack on the salva couch...the girl won't even know what hit her
-that litte bitch pulled the fa heata and still didnt even ticckle dem titties

-after four months of no tittie ticklin with one girl, he pulled the Fa Heata on her and she was yankin her clothes off in a hurry
by Xavier Zalanangas September 16, 2006
12 21