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2 definitions by Xavier LH

when playing mario kart. you get hit by multiple shells one after another thus slowing you down and feeling violated and more or less pissed at the game.
oh noez a blue shell....aww you gotta be kidding me a red one right after that. thats shell rape man!

by Xavier LH May 07, 2008
16 8
note:all other definitions are wrong. (nut huggers) are tight underwear sometimes speedo-like. that suck your nuts (testicles) into your stomach thus heating them and lowering spemcount. sometimes tighty whites (in briefs form) can be nuthuggers
"dude i was in the locker room and i saw some one wearin some tight ass draws i mean they were tight"

" ya man i saw those. them is some nut huggers. dude needs to let them jewels cool off"
by Xavier LH May 13, 2008
8 19