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For the last 30 years or so, this word, gilleo, has been our family name for vagina. From there, it's spread amongst all of my daughters friends and their friends. Thanks to Kim C. for coming up with the word when she was three (I guess that was way more than 30 years ago now) and for teaching her little sister Kelli C. who then in turn taught me, Xan, who then has taught Maggie, Molly, Erik and Maya. Kelli taught the word to her kids - Amber, Brandon, Jo-Jo and Matthew and it's now said by dozens of kids - young and old - throughout the greater Seattle area. Not really a NASTY word - it's a little kid's way of saying vagina without having to actually SAY vagina. Pino is the boys word for their penises. :-) (For my more proper and squeamish sister, she preferred to use the term, "down-stairs-area" - poor Muffy, too embarrassed to use even the most innocent of names... ;-) (and with a name like "Muffy" - you'd think she'd be a little less embarrassed than most!!)
My then three-year old daughter, sitting naked in the grass after splashing in the wading pool and screeching at the top of her lungs, "Mommy!!! There's a HOLE in my gilleo!!!"
by Xanny August 11, 2006

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