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To exhaust, finish, cash, empty, or burn out.

To become tired or bushed.
"Hey is there a hit left?" Tom asks Joe. "No i think its pooched" Joe answers.

"Man am I pooched"
#exhaust #finish #burn #done #cashed #empty.
by Xander Ru'sell May 29, 2007
Any container that has to open ends (bottle, tube, toilet paper roll)that is stuffed with drier sheets. You blow into the wookie when smoking marijuana to help cover the smell.
"Dude that was a huge hit. YOu better use the wookie so the RA doesnt smell the cron." John said to Bill.
#filter #air purifier #air cleaner #freshener #weed #pot
by Xander Ru'sell May 29, 2007
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