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The Best, most advanced Calculator on the market. Made for Engineers and Engineering Students. Most Schools use TI's because they are easier and less functional. Only the elite use this Machine. Also for use when a PC w/Mathcad or Matlab is not available. 2.5 Gigs Memory, 75Mhz ARM9 Processor, SD Card Expandable. Settle for nothing Less!
What have you Solved Today with your Hp 49g?
#hp 49g #hp49g+ #advanced calculator #elite #boss machine #graphics #calculus #physics
by Xaiver July 17, 2006
High Performance Computing- Using multiple teraflop speed computers ,bound together by a MPI or PVM programming, to achieve a goal faster than one computer can itself.
IBM BlueGene/L is an example of massive scale HPC.
#supercomputer #mpi #bluegene #top500 #earth simulator
by Xaiver July 18, 2006
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