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Any person who is subject to being influenced easy by others, usually someone who is into the current "scene," usually having to do with extremely straight hair in the front and frayed/spiked short hair in the back for both males and females.

Anyone part of "the scene" commonly spell "lol" like "lawlz" or "rofl" like "rawffle". Common to say both "lol" and "rofl" in real life conversations.

On messengers, use .gif icons with emo band lyrics in them or pictures of theirself.

Usually seen with bows and/or head bands on their heads and BANDANAS are most commonly used.

MOST DEFINITELY SEEN WITH IPODS and they're usually at full volume so the rest of the world can hear the music as well.

Also, types of clothing is optional, common for most men to wear the pants around their butt with belts covered in bullets with a band belt buckle and/or other belts with studs missing. As for the girls, they're usually spotted wearing short denim skirts that have been self made and leggings with some sort of cotton/wool knee highs. Ballerina flats are also common for the scene people.

On messengers/chat rooms/websites (usually MySpace) they have murderous names tacked onto their own. E.g. "___SLAUGHTER" or "____MURDER". Screen names may also be accompanied by a crew name, e.g. "____MURDER SKC"
____CARNAGE TMM scene kid rofl! <3 enterboyfriend/girlfriend'snamehere says:
___SLAUGHTER I love to get paid and have sex all day says:
Omgzzz did you like, see that Norma Jean showww the other day? Roflz omg okay so like there was this guy,,, omggg;;; he omg. No comment, roflkay <<A typical scene conversation.
by Xacc May 11, 2006

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